Florence, Italy
September 25-29, 2016

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CO - Debridement

Learning Objectives:
Following this session the participants should be able to:

  1. recognize the wide variety of debridement techniques that are available to the wound practitioner;
  2. identify innovative and uncommon debridement techniques that have great utility and purpose depending on the characteristics and etiology of wounds;
  3. develop the confidence to try new debridement techniques to decrease wound complications and improve wound outcomes.

This course will offer a comprehensive review in the art and science of wound debridement.  Attending physicians, nurse and students will be introduced to traditional methods as well as cutting edge sharp debridement technologies (autolysis, with instruments-surgical/sharp, chemically with enzymes, mechanically and biologically with the use of maggot therapy).  A review of anatomy and physiology, legal, safety and economic factors, complications and techniques of debridement will be presented. Debridement techniques will be performed in a hands-on skills lab setting.


02.00 pm - 02.30 pm: Kathryn Vowden (UK)
Title: Different debridement techniques for different wound healing phases

02.30 pm - 03.00 pm: Kenji Kusumoto (Japan)
Title: Complications management

03.00 pm – 03.30 pm: Young-Chul Jang (Korea) 
Title: Burn wounds debridement

03.30 pm – 04.00 pm: Steven Jeffery (UK) 
Title: Debridement in extreme conditions

04.00 pm - 04.30 pm: Alessandro Scalise (Italy) 
Title: Debridement with devices

04.30 pm – 05.00 pm: Francesco Di Marzo (Italy) 
Title: Analgesia, local anaesthesia and surgical refinements

05.00 pm – 06.00 pm: Xavier Santos (Spain) 
Title: Practice session (cadaver lab)