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September 25-29, 2016

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CO - Wound dressings: from A to Z

Learning Objectives:
Following this session the participants should be able to: 

  1. assess the whole person to determine if the wound is healable, maintainable or non-healable as a guide to appropriate local wound care;
  2. review the components of local wound care: debridement, infection/ inflammation and moisture balance or moisture reduction;
  3. use case examples to illustrate superficial critical colonization (topical therapy) vs deep and surrounding infection (systemic antimicrobials).

This course will explore an approach to dressing selection for persons with wounds. Local wound care includes the key components of debridement, infection/ inflammation and moisture balance.  In this course we will explore the Wound Bed Preparation as a foundation for the treatment of the cause, and patient centered concerns to determine healability and appropriate local wound care. An update on most recent use of dressings for acute and chronic wounds will be given. At the end of this course, participants will have gained practical treatment and management tips that can be used in their practice.


02.00 pm - 02.30 pm: R. Gary Sibbald (Canada)
Title: Introduction: the state-of-art – the good and the bad

02.30 pm - 03.00 pm: Alessandro Greco (Italy) 
Title: A new classification of dressings

03.00 pm - 03.30 pm: Sara Rowan (Italy)
Title:  Dressings that promote autolysis and debridement with interactive clinical examples  

03.30 pm – 04.05 pm: Randall D. Wolcott (USA) 
Title: The role of antimicrobial dressings in the treatment of infection and biofilms with interactive clinical examples 

04.05 pm - 04.35 pm: Diego Mastronicola (Italy) 
Title: Dressings that promote granulation and re-epithelialisation with interactive clinical examples 

04.35 pm – 05.05 pm: Natascia Mennini (Italy) 
Title: Are there criteria for establishing the quality of dressings? 

05.05 pm - 05.35 pm: Keith Harding (UK)
Title: How do future dressings look? 

05.35 pm – 06.00 pm: Alessandro Greco (Italy), R. Gary Sibbald (Canada)