Florence, Italy
September 25-29, 2016

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Società Scientifica Italiana a carattere interdisciplinare

Associazione Infermieristica per lo Studio delle Lesioni Cutanee

AIUC o.n.l.u.s

Associazione Italiana Ulcere Cutanee



European Pressure Ulcer
Advisory Panel


European Tissue Repair Society



WUWHS 2016 Planning Committee at EWMA 2013
Wuwhs President Elect Prof. Marco Romanelli and ISPeW President Prof. Guido Ciprandi at SAWC SPRING 2013


WUWHS 2016 takes part in the Leg Club Conference Charity Dinner in Birmingam


Wuwhs President Elect Prof. Marco Romanelli at VEITH Symposium 2013 in New York

   In order from left Dr. Dieter Mayer and Prof. Marco Romanelli   In order from left Dr. Dieter Mayer, D. Frank Veith and Prof. Marco Romanelli












Prof. Elia Ricci with Mara Blanck and Josè Javier Soldevilla Agreda at the IV Congresso Brasileiro de tratamento de feridas in João Pessoa Paraíba - Brasil


ISPEW Interannual Meeting, Miami - November 14-15 2013


Prof. Marco Romanelli in Pisa with Dr. Suzie Calne and Dr. Kathy Day, Wounds International Journal representatives

Prof. Marco Romanelli at the DFCon- Diabetic Foot Global Conference 2014 in Los Angeles, 



The WUWHS 2016 President Elect Dr. Marco Romanelli with some friends and member of the WUWHS 2016 Scientific Committe last week in Southampton.

Left to right: Ting Xie, Alberto Piaggesi, Chris Attinger, Vijay Shukla, Sadanori Akita, David Margolis, Raj Mani, Sylvie Meaume, Luc Teot, Vincent Falanga and Marco Romanelli

Prof. Marco Romanelli in Wuhan (China) at the 9th National Meeting of CTRS - Chinese Tissue Repair Society to promote WUWHS 2016 Congress and strengthen partnerships with Asian Wound Care Associations
Prof. Marco Romanelli with 9th National Meeting of CTRS Chairman Prof. Xiaobing Fu
Prof. Marco Romanelli at the WUWHS Supporting Societies Meeting in Wuhan (China)


Prof. Marco Romanelli with Prof Terence Ryan Emeritus of Oxford University at 17th EPUAP annual conference


EPUAP 17th annual conference opening with Christina Lindholm and Dimitri Beeckman Chair Person in Stockholm Sweden. 

Marco Romanelli at EPUAP 2014 with Barbara Bates-Jensen and Elia Ricci

In Stockholm with Amit Gefen President of EPUAP co-hosting society at WUWHS 2016 in Florence

Prof.  Marco Romanelli, WUWHS President Elect, at the annual Leg Club Foundation Awards Ceremony in Worcester (UK) on Sept 24th 2014

Prof. Marco Romanelli meets the Indian delegation in Italy during the Damor Pharma meeting in Naples on Sept 28th-29th 2014. Prof. Romanelli spoke about the WUWHS 2016 in Florence raising a great interest in the project.

Sept, 28th 2014: WUWHS President Elect in Guadalajara with the Executives of Mexican Wound Healing Society in a Vascular Surgery National Conference.

Rome (Italy), Dec 11-12 2014: Prof. Marco Romanelli joined the 2nd International Symposium Pediatric Wound Care by ISPeW  - International Society for Pediatric Wound Care. Here the final greetings with the Board.

Abu Dhabi (UAE), Mar 6-7 2015: President WUWHS 2016 and President Elect WUWHS Prof. Romanelli is one of the speakers at the 6th Annual Wound Conference Care. 

Prof. Romanelli joins the JWC Awards 2015 "Recognising innovation and excellence in research and practice" - BMA House (London), Mar 13th. The WUWHS 2016 Congress is among the Sponsors of this prestigious annual event. Below Prof. Romanelli with one of the winners, Sara Rowan


73° AAD 2015 Annual Meeting, San Francisco (USA): WUWHS President Elect, Prof. Marco Romanelli, here with Dr Estela Bilevich, President of the Argentinian Interdisciplinary Wound Healing Association

WUWHS President Elect, Prof. Marco Romanelli, attending the Hangang Soo Burn and Scar Unit with Prof. Jang Young Chul in Seoul, Korea (Mar 26-27, 2015). Below (on the left), Prof. Romanelli with the Executives of Korean Wound  Management Association, on the right, with the Orthopedics group.


Prof. Marco Romanelli meets the experts at SAWC Spring 2015 - San Antonio, Texas

WUWHS President Elect in Vancouver (Canada) for the World Congress of Dermatology 2015 with Harvey Lui (WCD Secretary General), Jerry Shapiro (WCD President) and Jean Bolognia (Chair Scientific Program Committee).

Jun 11th 2015: the best Wound Healers in Dermatology met in Vancouver at the World Congress of Dermatology. 

Oct 21st-23rd 2015: Prof. Romanelli presenting the 2016 Conference in Copenhagen - ETRS-WHS Annual Meeting

Dec 11th 2015: Prof. Romanelli joins "The Wound Care in Pediatric Patiens" - From Pressure Ulcers to Complex Lesions, Rome (Italy)

WUWHS 2016 Congress President: a great future as rider behind him (1st row on the left)